Osim Group Organization Behaviour

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OSIM Group Organization Behaviour

OSIM Group Organization Behaviour


The OSIM Group was a medium-sized consulting firm located in Sunnyvale, California. Founded in the l940s following the Great Depression, OSIM Group prospered and grew slowly but steadily by providing engineering services to local businesses. To service the new companies, OSIM Group instituted financial advisory services and combined business services, which provided small and emerging companies with a wide range of services. Finally, OSIM Group began providing specialized litigation support in response to existing client demand for such services. In this paper we analysed the Organization Behaviour of OSIM Group.

Case Study

To begin with, Tom should realize that conflict is inevitable. That 'it is a normal aspect of human interaction'… which 'arises from unmet needs, unrecognized differences, and difficulties in coping with life's changes and challenges' (Geller & Cottrell, 2008). Currently, the merger is a big change and challenge not just for the executives but also for other employees of OSIM Group. According to Frank, some executives, including him, were unhappy not to have benefited financially from the acquisition - an unmet need. There is a perceived inequity in this situation (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Frank also finds it difficult to get in terms with his differences with Dave relating to current company objectives and leadership style unrecognized differences (Bazerman, M. 2006).

Tom should not ignore the current conflict, although that is the natural response. If he avoids it he will just allow other people, like Frank, or the passage of time to respond to the conflict for him. Consequently, he becomes a passive recipient of other people's choices and actions, for better or for worse. 'When conflicts are ignored, molehills become mountains. It is less expensive and more effective to address conflicts before they escalate' (Geller & Cottrell, 2008:2).

Tom should inform Dave of his next course of action. This should primarily be pursuing the roll-out of strategic planning which will be beneficial and timely for OSIM Group. He should get the firm support of Dave in order to successfully implement it. Tom should continue his dialogue with other top executives of the organization, which includes the other directors and the VPs. This fact-finding undertaking would incredibly help Tom in arriving to an ethical decision and a plan of action (Bourgeois, J. 1999).

Organization Behaviour Case Analysis

From the above case it is observed that Tom has three choices: exit, voice, or loyalty. ...
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