Business Plan: Foundations Hotel & Conference Center

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Business Plan: Foundations Hotel & Conference Center

Executive summary

As a business hotel, obtaining a permanent place in the local and national market place is our primary goal. We wish to acquire national and international renown as a business destination within the next 5 years.

We see it as our main mission to provide high quality accommodation and associated amenities and services at competitive prices to our targeted markets.

Starting new hotel chain and offer flight packages to young people/students, also to middle class people and off the season more elderly people. The main goal is to expand by running 4 hotels in Europe, with good service and low costs and we are trying to get well known inside middle class travelers. We expect increase of new customer with this hotel chain plan, because now we are not only the airliner who offers cheap flights to somewhere, we are company that offers cheap flights and cheap vacations.

Basic business objective is reflected in everything that we do, which is to contribute to the enrichment of the quality of lives for people around the world (Bowie, pp 78-90).

Company description

Foundations Hotel & Conference Center is a 3-diamond hotel and offers luxury accommodation and associated amenities to local, regional, national and international tourists and travelers. For business travelers we offer a wide range of facilities such as conference and meeting rooms and exhibition space, including all necessary conferencing equipment and security.

Business formation

The company was started by Pine Grove Church of God in 2009. The company form is a Limited Liability Company, LLC. Registration is in the State of Michigan under number: D3151P. The company will employ approximately 50 people for federal income tax purposes, Foundations are classified as a LLC under a 501c3 parent corporation.

Mission and values

Business philosophies/identity

Due to the hotel management and tourist industry experience of Foundations' staff, we will be able to create a high satisfaction level for our tourist visitors, business travelers and the local economy. Foundations' accommodation and conference facilities meet the highest standards of the industry and will enable us to offer a high quality product mix.

Company location

We are going to be located in East Bay Township in Grand Traverse County, MI. This location has been selected because of its location, size, visibility, and image. The exact location will be announced in the near future (Bowen, 78-90).

Legal form of business

The Board of Managers/Directors currently consists of the Pine Grove Church of God (PGCOG) Elder Board and they have the principal responsibility for fulfillment of the hotel's mission and the legal accountability for its operations. As construction proceeds, managers/directors will be added to the Board from the community. At all times, the majority of members will represent PGCOG.

Industrial analysis

The primary market will be regional due to location of the hotel close to the business district and close to Cherryland Capital Airport.

Foundations' international activities will be enhanced through a range of co-operative relationships with entities such as:

international tour operators

governmental & diplomatic links

client branch & trade bodies

international Chambers Of ...
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