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Music Business Management

Music Business Management


Music industry has seen a rapid development in the recent times. With the technological advancements in this industry, it has become more competitive in nature. Individuals and groups make money through generating and selling various kind of music. More people try their luck in this field, either through individual efforts or in shape of bands. The rise of social networking web sites has also created a lot of opportunity for the musicians and singers to utilize this platform, in order to mark their presence in the industry. There are also some other mediums through which young and newbie's are trying to utilize as a startup move. These mediums include app websites which sells music tracks, advertising, and merchandising. The owners of these websites though charge from the artists certain percentage. Then there are also numerous agencies which provide music in the live events, concerts, and birthday and wedding parties.

Business Idea

The idea has been generated through the rise of music industry in these days. This has prompted to start a venture in this industry. The business idea involves the selection of specific musical industry and what kind of genre to select. For this purpose, different genres will be evaluated and it will be identified that which industry has more opportunities in terms of growth. There are two genres which have already been selected for the evaluation. The idea would be followed by detailed planning phase through which practicality and viability of the business model would be identified.

Background of the Industry

Music is something which has a long history involved from the ancient times. Earlier, there were poets and Sufi's who used to spent their times creating and rehearsing different types of poems and verses. Then there comes a time during 18th century when people formally composed music along with its printing. The printing process was supposed to be done through sponsorship that was mostly done by churches and aristocracies. Then in late 18th century, the composers and performers started to unveil the new commercial opportunities to market their performances and music. Then in 19th century, the music industry was dominated by sheet-music publishers. With the passage of time and along with the support of technological advancements and some other new opportunities, the music industry in 21st century has gained a lot of appreciation.


The first and foremost decision is to select a company to represent the product. The name would serve as the identity of the company, and the music that it will produce. Therefore, after several options that have came across to the team, the final name that has been selected is; Envicevative Musical music agency. The core purpose of the business would be to promote the music of avant-garde genre.

The proposal for Envicevative Musical music agency would include first identifying the mission of the company. Then it would include goals and objectives of the business plan. These goals and objectives will be based on what we need to do in order to achieve the ...
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