Business Strategies For Operating In Nigeria

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Business Strategies for Operating In Nigeria

Table of Content


Research Aims and Objectives3

Discussion and Analysis3

Market Conditions4

Coca Cola in Nigeria4

Doing Business in Nigeria4

Coca-Cola Increased Its Investment in Nigeria4

Pervious System: Challenges Faced5

Opportunities For Small Fish5

The Organizational Challenges towards the Social Partners6

S.W.O.T Analysis6





Strategic Marketing of Coca-Cola8

Our Mission9

Strategic Change Management9

HRM Practices at Coca Cola10

Advantages of HR practices at Coke11

Needs and Expertise Evaluation12

External Challenges14



Business Strategies for Operating In Nigeria


According to the point of view Boniface (2002), expressed that the present system of Human Resource Development has to cover the variety of aspects and field which requires the level of skills and expertise from the benefit and compensation administration to the employee relation. In addition, for implementing these tasks and skills in a more effective manner, the information technology has actually become an integral part. The skills are moreover required through the human resource for employing and working efficiently under the support of information technology (Boniface, 2002, 12-23).

It is a fact that as the HR professionals in the present time, they are being faced by the myriad personal challenges, some of which are quite historically unprecedented and some are familiar. Moreover, technology has not altered the human nature, but still it has a definite cast into the new form, that is the core issues for employee's efficiency, growth, productivity and teamwork in an increasing competitive international workplace.

With the rapid development in recent years, the domestic market has become crowded so the company began looking for investment in overseas markets to expand. This is the basis to form the first multi-national companies in Nigeria. According to the report of the Foreign Investment Agency, as of this time, there were 601 projects of Nigerians enterprises from 53 countries and territories with a total registered capital of more than $ 10 billion and capital reached more than $ 2 billion (Judith, 2009).

Research Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research is to study the effectiveness of providing “strong service focus”, thus as an HR director of the company, my major responsibility falls towards expanding the business efficiently in Nigeria. In the light of this aim, the study will accomplish the following objectives:

To highlight the challenges faced by the company

To determine the strategy of Coca-Cola company to choose such strategy that meet the national requirements of Nigeria

To understand the role of Human Resources in the recruitment and selection process by Coca-cola

Discussion and Analysis

The company that we have selected for this report is Coca-Cola. The company Coca-Cola is one of the most successful multinational companies. Affiliates Coca-Cola is in almost 200 countries, and about 80% of the income the company receives from its activities outside the United States. As a result, Coca-Cola is perceived as the most typical multinational corporation (John, 2009, Pp 93-128). However, Coca-Cola prefers to think of himself as “multi-national” companies, whose main office was just in Atlanta, which is the brand Coca-Cola with the "local face" in every country in which it does ...
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