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Discussion and findings

Demography of Data

The table (in appendices) and cluster bar chart reveals that in our sample most of the respondents are from age group 31-35. The respondents included both males and females. Majority of the respondents were male and thus it can be concluded that males result can easily influence the overall results of the study. All the respondents were the stake holders of the company MTN Nigeria and they were taken because their answers matter a lot in the final outcome of the study.

Q1: Overall I am satisfied with working of telecommunication sector

This question was filled out by stake holders of the MTN Nigeria. The overall result survey indicated that the stake holders are very much satisfied with the strategies and working of the MTN Nigeria. Only few people strongly disagreed and said that MTN Nigeria is not working well.

Q2: Nigeria market is important for your business operating from outside Nigeria

This question is very important for getting an idea about the Nigeria market strength. This question was focused on the company operation in the Nigeria. The respondents were the company employees as well the top management. The response was found very positive as most of the people agreed that Nigeria market is very important for MTN performance. Nigerian market opened new doors of opportunity for the MTN.

Q3: Nigeria is important as a place to invest and provide your services

This question is another important question in this regard. The respondents of this question included the executives of the company. Most of the executives agreed that Nigeria is an important place to invest. The customers in Nigeria are very loyal to their services. As the telecommunication sector is dynamic hence there is a good chance of innovation and productivity.

Q4The needs of the telecommunication sector is more important and improving day by day

Due to continuously changing technology the customer demand for more and more, thus to meet the customer requirement the MTN company must continuously do innovation in their products to maintain their products. The graph above shows that the people who disagreed to this statement that telecommunication sector is not changing were equal to those who strongly agreed to this statement. The overall result was positive.

Q5: People are satisfied with the overall performance MTN

The aim of this question was to find out the overall satisfaction level in all those people who are directly or indirectly associated to the MTN group. In this scenario, the external factors like the customer perception about the company play a vital role and hence it will affect the company marketing. In the above mentioned graph, it has been shown that a majority of the respondents agreed to the fact that the services provided by the MTN Nigeria are satisfactory and the products are reliable.

Q6 Telecommunication sector plays a vital role in Nigerian economic development

The target respondents of this question were again the stake holders. Majority of the stake holders agreed that the telecommunication sector is of the major economic driver in the ...
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