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This section of this report will be to explain Norfolk Constabulary Organisation as a system and the way that it interacts with its environment with the support of tools such as Needle Diagram and Steeple Diagram. Norfolk Constabulary is a large public organisation which was established in 1839 under the County Police Act (1839) and Norfolk was the primary county force to be established. Norfolk Constabulary responsibility is to protect people and property, keep order and peace in the county of Norfolk. Norfolk Constabulary “Vision Mission & Values” are given below.

Vision: “To provide excellent service and protection for the people and communities of Norfolk”.

Mission: “A policing service that is responsive, accountable and relevant, which enjoys the trust and confidence of our communities, making a positive difference to people's lives”.

Numerous services are provided to the public to help the service to reach their goals and all these services are developed to maintain and deliver a good service to the public. Inspector Hayes in an interview given at Thetford Police Station said that, “Norfolk remains the safest county in England with a crime rate of 51 crimes per thousand residents. Recorded crime has reduced by 30% over the last three years”.

The Police Service funding comes from the Local Council Tax, Central government and Home Office. The way that the budget is spent is regulated by Norfolk Police Authority. Norfolk Constabulary is divided in two categories: Frontline staff and support staff. At the moment, this organization according to Tony Waterfield of Norfolk Police said that it employs 2953 employees and together they deliver a high level of service to the public. The demand of people trying to join Norfolk Constabulary is high but due to funding cuts, the organization is not recruiting staff.

Analysis of Norfolk Constabulary

The second section of this report briefly explains the Police Service as an organisation and as a system and how it interacts with its environment. It is important to identify external factors that can put at risk the objectives of the Police Service, explained in the introduction.

The “radical and ongoing changes occurring in society create an uncertain environment and have an impact on the function of the whole organization (Healy and Ruback 2000, 135- 175).

Needle Analysis

A needle analysis diagram is a great tool to understand how the organization as a whole can be affected by both internal and external factors of the surrounding environment in which the Police Service needs to operate. Daily changes are a reality for organisations. In order to be successful both the companies, Norfolk Constabulary and Suffolk constabulary, need to adapt.

Needle analysis comprises of four named factors and has factors such as Environmental level, organizational level, structural level, and business activities level. Although, the Needle analysis has four factors but for the sake of this paper, we will only focus on the environment part as to analyse whether the organisations will be successful if Norfolk Constabulary is merged with Suffolk constabulary (Danzon and Nicholson 2007, ...
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