Cardio System ... Varicose Ulcers

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Cardio System ... varicose ulcers

Cardio System ... varicose ulcers

Referring to the cardio system Varicose veins can be considered primary, in which case they are confined to the superficial venous system, or they can be considered secondary. The latter are caused by perforating veins, deep thrombophlebitis, constitutional valvular insufficiency. Varicose veins happen when veins in the legs become dilated due to reverse flow of blood. This is due to faulty valves in the veins that are supposed to prevent the reverse flow of blood. cardio workout is one in which you do an exercise that is aerobic (meaning "with air" in Latin) and which works your heart, lungs and the other parts of your cardiovascular system, such as your arteries and veins.

Typically you want to do a cardio workout -- such as running, biking or swimming -- three days a week for a minimum of 20 minutes to reap all the amazing benefits. Working your heart helps improve blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and prevent heart disease, the number one killer of women. Cardio exercise is also great for burning calories and therefore plays an important role in weight management and reduction.

Weight training (also sometimes referred to as weight lifting, toning or sculpting) is when you lift weights or perform exercises that require you to heft the weight of your own body (such as push-ups or Pilates) in order to strengthen and condition your muscles. Weight training focuses on building your muscles and helps boost your metabolism, since the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. It also helps to build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis by stimulating bone formation. Such workouts don't have to be long, continuous or overly strenuous, but you do want to weight train two to three days a week ...
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