Career In Architecture

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Career in Architecture

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Training and education requirements2

Job requirements2

Employment Opportunities3

Working Conditions3

Math courses to be studied4

Importance of Mathematics in Architecture4



Architecture as a Profession


When somebody asks a kid that what do they want to become when they grow up, the answers received are that they want to be a doctor, a police officer or a political leader. All of these answers depict one recurring theme; they want to do something which makes an impact on the world. I also have always followed this simple basic rule and my career aspirations also reflect this.

Being a police officer or a political leader is not in the cards for me. The career I want to pursue is architecture. Architecture is one of the most prestigious careers choices available to the youngsters of today. It is a blend of the art of designing and the science of math and engineering.

Architects are the people who plan structures that are suitable to people for living, working, shopping, worshipping and the like. They also design and plan building complexes and the surroundings. Architects also plan and design entire neighborhoods as well as culturally popular monuments. The architect has to consider a lot of things while designing a structure. He has to develop a relation between the site and the building; he also has to consider factors like the slope of the site, the surrounding buildings and even things like the climate of the area he is working in.


Training and education requirements

Planning to become an architect should start in the high school. Most of the states require that an architect should be trained in one of the programs approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) ( The education requirements for Bachelors in Architecture are as follows:

The applicant must have a high-school certificate or its equivalent

He should have a ...
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