Interior Designing In India

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Interior Designing in India



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In this study we try to explore the concept of “Interior Designing” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “interior designing” in “India”. The research analyses different aspects and prospects of interior designing in India.






Background of Study1

Scope of Interior Designing1

Research Aims and Objective2

Research Rationale3


CHAPTER 1: The Interior Designing Industry and its Scope in India5

1.1 Interior Designing5

1.2 Interior designing in Today's World7

1.3 Interior Design as an Individual Industry10

1.4 Role of Interior Designer10

1.5 Job Prospects of a Designer11

1.6 Working Environment11

1.7 Current Trends13

1.8 Comparison of Western Interior Designing with Indian Interior Designing14

1.9 The Most Popular Regions for Interior Designing in India14

1.10 History of Interior Designing in India15

1.11 The Scope of Interior Designing in India17

1.12 Licensing of Interior Designers17

1.13 Future Consideration for Interior Designing18

1.14 Current Scenario of Interior Designing in India20

1.15 Conclusion21



Background of Study

Interior designing comes under the wide discipline of Architecture. Architecture and Interior Designing, both, have been related to the designing of a building or space. Although interior designing has not been much popular in India, and it was not until the 1980's that people in India started recognizing interior designing as a separate entity from Architecture. Over the years, contemporary designs have been amalgamated with traditional design patterns to come a long way. Generally, the privilege of having designed spaces and buildings was enjoyed only by the wealthy people in India as the rich were the only ones who could afford to utilize expensive materials and pay the craftsmen (Guerin, Martin, 2001). Whereas, the people having low income have to work with what was provided by nature and create things. The concept of interior design in India is based on the utilitarian motive. The average house had a simple style, consisting of mosaic and stone flooring, furniture from the colonial period with painted walls and this tradition was handed down from generation to generation (Kim, Rigdon, 1998).

When we talk about interior in the context of designing, we generally refer to any given space that has human inhabitants and is within the confined limits of a structure. These spaces are in terms of hospitals, homes, theatres, schools, restaurants, offices, hotels and resorts.

Scope of Interior Designing

Interior design is one of the fastest growing professional fields. A lot of employment opportunities exist for the interior designers in various fields. An interior designer can find job with architectural firms, hotel and resort chains, hospitals, regional and metropolitan development works, town planning bureau, builders, theatres, studios, etc... An interior designer can also set up his own business ...
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