Interior Designers Prospects In India: A Market Study

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Interior Designers Prospects in India: A Market Study


Table of Contents


Research Design1

Definition of Qualitative Research2

Literature Search3

Research Technique and Process4

Pros and cons of chosen methodology6

Instrument Design7


Pilot Questionnaire7


SLEPT analysis of Indian Interior Designing Industry9






Case Analysis11



Interview Analyses12

Will there be any advancement in the state of designers?12

Will the clients ever take this sector separate from architecture?13

What can designers do to enhance the perception of clients towards the sector?15

How is interior design differentiated in different regions of India?16

Is there a need for licensure to the field to avoid fraud?16


Chapter 3: Methodology

The approach used for this research would be qualitative, this is because all the data collected and analyzed will be in the form of words, on the basis of this it is evident that the strategy used would be inductive as existing theories with regards to concepts and phenomenon will be discussed in the form of words and meaning will be derived out of this process via these means. The research will also use a case study strategy and will involve collection of both primary and secondary data, secondary data would be collected from books, journals and quality websites, on the other hand primary data will be collected via the means of interviews of interior designers. The sampling procedure used would be non probability and judgmental as sample size is small and respondents have been chosen on the basis of their experience with regards to concepts and theories being explored.

Research Design

The data will be collected from Literature reviews i.e. the reviews of research papers, industry publication and journals. The primary will be conducted and the data will be collected through semi-structured interviews.

This research approached data gathering uses qualitative methods. The qualitative approach aims to discover the scope of interior designing in India. According to Creswell (2001), the qualitative research method uses participatory or constructive perception and uses phenomenology or case studies to do the enquiry. Therefore, in this approach the researcher's facts and judgements or interpretation are inseparable. Thus the researcher becomes an insider of the research Carr and Kemmis, 1986).

On of the major advantage of using the qualitative approach is that it provides the perspective of the researcher and focuses on the value and quality of the data. Moreover, qualitative studies encompass interpersonal, social, and cultural contexts of project management more fully than the quantitative research approach. Because the researcher's viewpoint takes a central role in the research process, the researcher provides a much richer and wider-ranging description compared to what the quantitative research approach provides.

Definition of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is much more subjective as compared to quantitative research & employs very unlike methods for data accumulation. These methods are primarily interpersonal, in-depth consultations & focus groups.

Literature Search

The measurements of choice for literature were relevancy to research topic & year of publishing. Both public & individual libraries as well as online libraries were chaffered to approach the data. Some of online databases that were accessed are SAGE, questia, emerald, Proquest & so ...
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