Career In Interior Designing

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Career in Interior Designing


I have chosen to pursue my career in interior designing because the interior architecture/interior design profession is transforming itself internationally. The opportunity is now in designing because design is the preeminent industry of the 21st Century, and never before has a more unified platform existed to showcase and advance best practice, innovative ideas and future growth of interior design at national and international levels. However, if we look within the field as it has matured, it is fluid and the edges somewhat permeable. Diversity and difference exist, but as there are common beliefs about what the role of interiors is. This is the mandate to improve the quality of life for those who are in relationship with what we design, particularly as we impact at an intimate level, even if the consequences of the work reach beyond to urban or environmental agendas.

Public perception about interior designing is changing and they have started differentiating between interior designing and architecture. Keeping in mind the demand & separate need from architecture courses, various Institutions have announced bachelors and diploma in Interior design as B.Arch (Interior design). This is a good sign for this profession, but more efforts needed to improve the image of interior designing (Malnar, 89).


The career of interior design enables you to organize and develop internal projects relating to human habitat. These include equipment and decoration of homes, workplaces, recreation and transportation, among others. Interior Designer creates and recreates spaces from the development of their creativity and sensitivity, combining art and technology, functionality with style and personality. You can design the interior of a bank, a school, a hospital, a retail business, as well as stands, windows, offices. This profession allows programming, design, implement and supervise project design, decoration, and renovation of all types of indoor and outdoor, including furniture design, landscape design and garden maintenance, and setting ephemeral public spaces and private(Kilmer, 46).

Bureau of Labor Statistics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average annual salary for interior designers in 2009 was $51,990. This average should continue to increase, as the same report indicates a 19 percent job growth rate for interior designers between 2008 and 2018. Job Description

On different websites, this profession has called with different names such as Decorator, Construction professional, project manager, interior home designer, architectural technician .etc. the job description of an interior designer includes the following responsibilities:

Take charge of projects in all phases of the project (sketch monitoring);

Participate in the development of concepts;

Check and ensure the quality objectives and creative projects;

Check and ensure the technical objectives of projects;

Check and ensure the financial goals of the projects;

Monitor timeliness and deliverable;

Identify and manage resources for the projects

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