Case Analysis On Information Systems And Data Confidentiality

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Case Analysis on Information Systems and Data Confidentiality

Information Systems and Data Confidentiality

Information systems are at the heart of business operations and management and protection of the environment, and must now ensure a level of security, reliability and integrity that ensures the sustainability of activities and infrastructure. In Washington practices related to confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems are of vital importance. Whether the management of telecommunications networks or the network of sensors in the application framework Defense, it is necessary to provide security policies and strategies for the use that can cope with one hand, the deterioration of the quality of the information (particularly noticeable in a hostile environment) and other malicious attacks and more diverse are the integrity or confidentiality of the information conveyed or availability the system itself. The complexity of these systems increases with those features available to the operator, but also with the structure of these systems is becoming increasingly distributed and therefore more susceptible to damage and attacks (or WAN cloud of micro sensors, for example). These systems must also take into account the highly dynamic aspect of information and have capacities of evolution (Wilshusen, 2008).

In addition, these systems evolve under the constraints of finite resources, whose limits are reached quickly in case of crisis, and constraints of decision-supervised or not. All of these features is the central theme of the team SFIIS, whether analysis, design or operational control of information systems. Two subgroups are SFIIS team depending on the orientation given to the system which is a first sub-group considers the information system in a dimension related to surveillance, including tactics, and focuses on the protection of stream Data from sensors (Wilshusen, 2007). The second works on the security of information systems and networks.

In this context, heterogeneous data and / or ...
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