Information Security- Case Study Organization - Implementation Of Cryptography

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Information Security- Case Study Organization - Implementation of Cryptography

Information Security- Case Study Organization - Implementation of Cryptography

Information Security- Case Study Organization - Implementation of Cryptography

Part 1 - Secure Email


The science of protecting, disguising, or encrypting the form of interaction. The field of Cryptology is normally used by the federal and military security including the law enforcement agencies to save the sensitive communications from being copied by unauthorized persons. The huge consumption in the use of computer by state agencies in recent years has made it common in the usage of electronic cryptography to save confidential data which is important for the national security.

The first time when cryptography was used in Greece, where a system of encoded military communications was employed by Spartans. Julius Caesar, who was a Roman ruler developed a system of letter substitutions to create messages which could only be read by anyone who also had the information of code of cryptography and cryptanalysis. The Arabs were responsible to develop the techniques that are used today.

The occurrence of the second World War created wonderful opportunities for cryptographers who worked with both new and old technologies. There was one known low-tech but an amazing effective effort was the consumption of Navajo codetalkers in the Pacific theater. Navajo Indians worked for the American Army and used their language to transmit confidential messages via radio broadcasts. The language of Navojo tribe was great for the job as it had no written alphabet and even within the Navajo tribe, little people at the time also spoke or understood the language. Due to the best efforts of people, Japanese never broke the code.

At the high-tech end of developments in cryptography, it became a revolution of mechanical feature. In the initial phase, machines had control of cryptographic work. The major instance was the Enigma machine that contained a mechanical encrypting device deployed by the German navy. Due to the assiatance of Polish code breakers, a remarkable team of mathematicians destroyed the Enigma machine's code at Bletchley Park in England during the late 1930s. There was famous group of code breakers that included Alan Turing and was considered as a father of modern computing.

Secure Email Services

Hushmail was a person who was known as a longtime provider of encrypted web-based email that had markets created by the person itself who was not even a Hushmail employee that had access before leaving the computer. However, it turned out to be the statement which was not applied to the individuals targeted by state agencies and had an ability to convince a Canadian court to serve a court order on the company.

A court document presented in September from a federal prosecution of alleged steroid dealers disclosed the Canadian company that gave around twelve CDs and had worth of e-mails from three Hushmail accounts which was a result of court order collected through a mutual assistance treaty between the USA and Canada. The charging document alleges that many Chinese wholesale steroid chemical providers, ...
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