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Case Study



The bottled water3

The industry outlook3

Reasons for development of bottled water industry4

The campaign of 'purity'6

The industry of the bottled water, the United Kingdom6

The industry of bottled water, today7

Issues with the industry7

The downfall in the United Kingdom8


The analysis9

The enhanced water market10

Glaceau; the success story with thirst quenching10

The marketing strategy11

The opportunity of health consciousness11

The aid of social media12


Aggressive advertising12

Supply chain12


Case Study


The bottled water

The bottled water is the drinking water that is packed in plastic bottles. The bottle water is said to be extracted from natural resources, particularly, spring water, or water under the water. The water under earth or mountains, contain all the essential minerals that keep contributing to the health of an individual. It adds essential minerals to the water intake of human body, as well as, keeps the body hydrated, in shape, improves skin complexion and tone, and combats with obesity. The bottled water has all attributes of pure and natural water, and therefore regarded as a very good intake (Ferrier, 2001, pp. 3-6).

The industry outlook

The industry of bottled water is an enormously large industry. Currently, there are 3300 brands of the bottled water, with across the nation. There is the market of around £1.86, as per the estimation of the United Kingdom market, alone. It has been of the few rapidly growing industries, with the fastest possible pace of time. Companies were making enormous profits, by tapping the normal water. The venture was so very profitable, that is, multi0national companies launched their own bottled water brand. Moreover, the industry of bottled water has been subjected to the crisis due to raising environmental queations and health issues, as people become more conscious, and therefore avoids the bottled water. Due to enormous growth in demand, the developed world settled plants and other facilities, in order to, transfer tap and under land water from developing or under developing world, in order to, fulfil market demand and capitalize in a huge and profitable industry (Ferrier, 2001, pp. 3-6).

The bottled water industry has been exponentially growing for over a decade and more, before the year, 2007. The market for bottled water industry, included three key segments, that is, the people of first world countries, as well as, the elite of rest of the world, whereas, it also encompassed people who are health conscious, craving for a healthy and complete water intake. The industry had huge sales, that is, in the United States alone, the sales amounted to $60 billion, whereas, in the United Kingdom sales figure was £227 billion.

Reasons for development of bottled water industry

The industry of bottled water or packaged water was considered extremely minimal; however, it turned out to be one of the fastest growing industries in a short span of time. There are several reasons for the bottled water industry discussed as under;

Huge market and target: as per says law “supply creates demand”, therefore, the introduction of bottled water from natural and inland sources led to a high demand and responsive ...
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