Case Study: Amazons New Store Utility Computing

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Case Study: Amazons New Store Utility Computing

Case Study: Amazons New Store Utility Computing

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Amazon need a new way to manage storage. The IT world has turned their eyes in the direction of DLM/ILM/TLM. The concept of Data Lifecycle Management/Information Lifecycle Management provides IT amazon with a better way to manage a wide variety of data or information; this includes traditional structured files, unstructured data, digital media (sound, video and picture files) and dynamic web content (Laudon and Laudon, 2010, 52-701). DLM/ILM will catalogue all types of content and logically store content with like kind content on the most befitting storage media for that content kind, inside its lifecycle. This helps Amazon improve access, performance, utilization, and costs, to ensure compliance as well as providing customers with an efficient service(Jia, Buyya, Khong Tham, 2005, 140-147).

Numerous vendors are still accelerating HSM devices and trying to distinuish them as ILM solutions. Even if a magnificent tool appears to do everything asked of it, IT agencies should still realise that the building blocks required for a successful ILM scheme are in the storage administration level and the long period effective administration of data all through its entire lifecycle (Jigar et. al., 2005, 237-249).

A DLM/ILM scheme will not, and should not, be undertaken solely by the IT department: that would be an unrealistic task. (Laudon and Laudon, 2010, 52-701).

Currently, Amazon technologies are appearing that can unify the administration of ILM principle setting as well as outlook the entire storage natural environment from servers to an offsite archive. These tools, adjuncts to customary storage management software that has developed from the mid 1990s, supply a link between the storage level and the server and end user. They effectively give enterprise managers visibility into the way their legacy facts and figures is stored to double-check that it is being finished with the most relevant defence, accessibility, and compliance requirements, over its whole lifetime(Jia, Buyya, Khong Tham, 2005, 140-147).

The bottom line is that amazon need a robust, scalable record retention and retrieval strategy. They need to shop all their facts and figures in a secure position, that is cost effective and effective, for as long as is essential, that is resilient over time, and compatible with legacy and future newspapers formats and technologies. Facts and figures should be retained for repaired periods of time and, in some situations, on a storage intermediate with specific properties such as WORM. During an audit, amazon also require the ability to discover and retrieve electronic records in a timely manner. Thus, effective get access to to data and consistent get access toibility is also essential. To be effective, amazon need to be able to produce requested data in a timely manner, which can often mean within as little as 48 hours, or risk a more in-depth audit or worse(Laudon and Laudon, 2010, 52-701).

The bottom line is that all amazon need a robust, scalable record retention and retrieval ...
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