Case Study Report On Organisational Behaviour

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Case Study Report on Organisational Behaviour

Executive Summary

In this study, the author has analyzed different aspects of organizational behaviour in Travel Co. With reference to the organizational behaviour at Travel Co, the issues that were pointed out in this research are, ineffective organizational culture, lack of quality leadership at resource level, lack of employee motivation and satisfaction, and because of all these issue staff absenteeism has also surfaced in the organization.

Case Study Report on Organisational Behaviour


Organizational behavior helps manager and leaders observe the behavior of individuals in the organization and facilitate the understanding of the complexity of the interpersonal relationships in which people interact. The purpose of this study is expanding the boundaries of author's knowledge by exploring some relevant facts relating to the aspects of organizational behaviour at Travel Co. The theoretical perspectives on behavioural processes within Travel Co will be critically evaluated, together with demonstrating a critical understanding of the wider implications of management decisions and behaviour on organisation, teams and individuals. Relevant organizational behaviour theory will also be applied, along with models and research to gain an understanding of the happenings at Travel Co. The application and critical evaluation of individual level factors, group/team level factors and organisation level factors will also be focused. The use of appropriate organisational behaviour theory will be made to analyse the factors which may be influencing organisational behaviour in Travel Co and critically evaluate how effective chosen theoretical approaches are for understanding behaviour within Travel Co.

Critical Evaluation

Organizational Behaviour at Travel Co

For decades, managers have sought to improve organizational performance; this is as old as culture. According to Clegg (2008), organizational Behavior is the discipline that studies within the formal structures of the company, the different behaviors or behaviors of individuals, groups that compose it, and the interrelationships among them; analyzing organizational culture in order to optimize the results both for individuals and for the organization (Clegg, 2008).

Today, the concept of organization has changed and has gone from thinking linear systems towards more dynamic thinking, where things are not seen as structures but as isolated processes, members of a whole, in that sense it can be said that the organization is a system of relationships between individuals through which people, under the command of managers, pursue common goals (Clegg, 2008). These goals are product of the planning and decision-making process where the goals are created based on the ability to learn that employees have - knowing that organizations gained prominence by leveraging the enthusiasm and the ability to learn from the staff (Robbins, 2010).

Conceptualization of the Nature and Importance of Organizational Behaviour

To assess the organizational behaviour (OB) at Travel Co, the concept provided by a number of authors must also be included:

Stephen P. Robbins states that it's a field of study that investigates the impact of individuals, groups and structures on behaviour within organizations, in order to apply the knowledge gained in improving the effectiveness of an organization (Buchanan, ...
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