Catching Consumers With The Internet In Retailing: A Study Of Tesco's Online Marketing Strategy

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Catching Consumers with the Internet in Retailing: A Study of Tesco's Online Marketing Strategy



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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction1

Outline of the Study1

Internet Marketing Strategy1

Key Elements of an Effective Website2

Integration of SIM with the Overall Business Strategy4

Levels of Website4

Overall strategic approach7

Definition of business and mission8

Company Profile10

Problem statement20

Research objectives21

Significance of the Study21

Key terms22

Ethical concern22


Chapter 1: Introduction

Outline of the Study

This study focuses on the various aspects of internet marketing strategy and its impact on the growth of the any organisation. This study is comprised of the following chapters:


Literature Review



Internet Marketing Strategy

For most companies, creating the first version of the site not the result of a well thought out strategy. Usually, the decision to create a website is reactive: it is the result of the emergence of sites of new companies in the same industry or from existing competitors, or response to customer requests. Once the site will last a year or more, senior management raises the question of its effectiveness. This is usually the beginning of what the need for strategy work in the Internet is recognized. (Robin, 2007, pp. 44-58)

Key Elements of an Effective Website

Bringing together the various ways in which the Internet can support the marketing activity, we may consider appropriate approaches to develop such a Web - a site that achieves marketing objectives (Williams, 2001, pp. 19-29). Consider key factors 6 development of Website: Capture

No need to hope that visitors will come to the site accidentally. Site developers must consider how to promote a Web site to attract those visitors. This can be achieved - line methods (search engines, directories, banner ads), and off - line methods. Contents

This is key to the Web - a site that is what attracts visitors to the Web - site, and if they realize the value, it will be something that will make them come back. Interactive content and personalization of user preferences can help to generate repeat visits. Community

The ability to create specialized communities on the Website is one of the specific features of the Internet. If the developer of the site is successful, it will be a great contribution to the generation of return visits. (Smith, 2005, pp. 85-97)


All content on this site and its entire structure must be designed to generate sales.Customer Focus

In accordance with the mantra of many marketing researchers and authors who call the company to use a marketing orientation in marketing strategy, customer focus is key in developing the site. To help customers find the information they need, the content should be directed to the particular needs of this ...
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