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Background of TESCO2


Vision of Tesco3

Value of Tesco3

Industry Analysis: Pestel Framework4

Political Factors4

Economic Factors4

Social/Cultural Factors5

Environmental Factors6

Industry Analysis: Porter's Five Forces6

Threat of New Entrants6

Bargaining Power of Suppliers6

Bargaining Power of Customers7

Threat of Substitutes7

Bargaining Power of Competitors8

TESCO Internet Strategy8

Strategic Innovation8

Effective Internet Marketing Strategy9

Social Media Marketing Strategy10

Market Penetration Strategies11

Online Grocery Strategy12

Retail Management through Effective Marketing Techniques12



Internet Marketing Strategy OF TESCO


It is true that the internet has changed the lives of the people and has made nations close to each other. It has become so easy to access any information regarding any product and services all over the world. These days, products are also advertised through internets which are more effective than the traditional marketing due to globalization. The traditional marketing no doubt effective but the amounts which spend are quite high. However, internet marketing outcome is alike, but cost effective; moreover, it is convenient for people to look at the new product, their features and purchase online rather than going to the store. Hence, for companies to promote their product through this mode is very ideal.

Big companies are now moving towards internet marketing as use of marketing increased in this era. For this purpose, the company should have a strong internet market plan and strategy which can create a challenge for their competitors. In UK, almost one-third of the population uses internet, and hence the online marketing techniques plays a crucial role in the retail sales market. On the other hand other direct marketing techniques attract only a small amount of consumers, and are proving costlier than the online techniques.

In this paper, we will discuss the internet marketing strategy of the TESCO as the existence of the TESCO is almost everywhere in the world. Before the analysis, of the internet strategy of Tesco we will first discuss the main features of the company, industry analysis and others that have a direct connection with the internet marketing strategy.


Background of TESCO

Tesco is one of leading food retailer in Ireland and United Kingdom with the 2715 stores in the country. Tesco founded by Jack Cohen in 1919 located at East London. Company's management was moving forward by two key people they are Sir Terry Leahy -Chief Executive and David Reid - Chairman.

Tesco's plc has an ultimate product ranges those are Groceries, Telecoms, Financial service and Consumer good. The total Revenue of the company in 2011 is £ £60,931 million, and operating income was £3,811 million in 2011. Tesco's net income is about £2,655 million; all these figures are of FY2011. Over all have the approximate + 440,000 employees' world wide and nearly 2300 stores up to the financial year of 2009. Tesco has some subsidiaries' like Tesco Ireland limited; Tesco Store limited and Tesco Personal finance are the main business lines. Tesco operates in Europe, Asia, US, Tesco Bank along their operation in UK. Tesco involved in the online services, as well. Its online channels that offer retailing services are and Tesco ...
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