Cause Of Pollution

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Cause of Pollution

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Cause of Pollution


The study is related to the cause of pollution, it is observed that there are many factors that affect the natural environment. The aim of the study is to know that what factors cause pollution. In addition to this, it is important to know that is human are responsible for creating the pollution. Besides it, if humans are responsible for causing the pollution then the study also focuses on the human factors due to which pollution take place.


Pollution is the process of modifying a negative environment that is air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution etc., through its toxic substances that threaten the lives of living organisms (Moeller, 2005, pp.35-42). Furthermore, intense and harmful contaminations of water, air or the environment caused by waste from industrial processes or biological are the few factors that cause pollution. The main reason due to which pollution takes place is the activity by the human itself. Therefore, it can be said that pollution is a contribution by humans to the nature (Briggs, 2003, pp. 24-24).

Science has made various technologies for helping the humans; these technologies have helped in the welfare of humans. However, on the contrary, the technology that helped the human has been a part of technology and hence, it is a part of human miseries. The activities done by human that cause pollution are mentioning below;

Industries for various human needs - directly and indirectly

Agriculture for food production and industrial needs

Health care for health of human beings and animals

Transport for mobility of human beings

Dwelling for settlement in city or villages

Energy for various direct human needs and industrial needs.

All of the above mentioned factors cause pollution in one way or other and therefore cause miseries for the humans itself. All of them are aimed to ...
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