Chevrolet Sonic Car Digital Communication

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Chevrolet Sonic Car Digital Communication


The Chevrolet Sonic is a small car with an aggressive design in five door and sedan models, engineered for an agile athletic ride and handling. The Sonic aims to blend the practicality of a small car with a great design, enhanced by the latest in connectivity features. Available in an efficient Ecotec 1.4L turbo engine, the Sonic combines standard electronic power steering and StabiliTrak electronic stability control with rollover sensing. The sedan model offers increased rear-seat roominess and best trunk capacity while the hatchback model offers the best in cargo capacity. Additional amenities include remote start, heated front seats and sunroof. Exciting technology and connectivity features such as XM Satellite Radio and Bluetooth functionality are available on some models.

Chevrolet has decided to develop a digital communication for its new car, because it caters youth as their target market, and youth has effortless access to digital communication (Rice, Pp 275-288). New expertise has become an expanding tendency in the creative and brandish of up to date art. New kinds of newspapers and submissions have permitted up to designated day art into another dimension and unfastening a world of new possibilities. Artists now have a broader variety of accessible ingenious devices and select to use these as not only a way to conceive their work, but to brandish it. Such equipments encompass, but not to: computer programs, televisions, projections, digital cameras, sound recorders and video cameras. They have skills to use digital newspapers to express their own unique notions, pertaining to the world in which we live. The designers have used the internet in a way in order that when the users' attaches to the task, they can get access to all these pictures retained reside, from every position in the world and blend their recollections into one animation.

The United States of America has a growing market in compact cars. In this connection, Chevrolet has devised an idea about launching a smart car. The company will be catering youth in United States as their target market. Chevrolet has been assuming a dire need to launch a digital communication campaign, which should directly hit the target market.Target Market

The target market for new Chevrolet sonic car is Generation Y. The term Generation Y used for the young consumers. It caters college students as a target market. The study suggests that this group of people has very influencing behaviour on their family and peer group. This group is the largest group among the buyers of compact cars. The target market of Chevrolet sonic cars has potential to buy these cars and fulfil their need. This group has cooperative access to digital communication, and other internet related marketing. This group does not have an interest in reading newspapers, and other traditional communication techniques which were used by former marketing agencies.

The target audience that we'd like your help reaching is college-aged students in the Millennial generation. With a thirst for adventure, the target market desires a sense of freedom, is open-minded, uninhibited and lives ...
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