Child Food Safety

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Child Food Safety

Research Problem

There is a growing interest of the food safety among children. The different childcare companies and agencies are paying utmost importance to the food safety. According to the results of the federal data, one in the six American children gets ill because of the use of the unsafe food. It is expected that with the passage of time these figures will continue rising. The main reason behind the raise of this problem among children is the lack of food safety.


There are thousands of children being victim of different diseases as a result of the unsafe food. It is expected that if this problem does not get any solution than there are many chances of the increase of such problems. The main reason behind the increase of such diseases is the lack of food safety. Children should not eat meats, especially those that contain a large number of dyes (CDC 973). They are poorly digested in the stomach and cause gastritis and ulcers. Despite the fact that they taste good, they are largely reinforced harmful chemicals. Chips, snacks and other crunchy snacks in packages are also dangerous for children. In addition, they are very high in calories and can be a cause of childhood obesity (Gupta 16). Carbonated drinks should be replaced with natural juice or mineral water. Marketers largely rely on the tastes of children, making their products bright and interesting. However, as a dye and excessive amounts of sugar is harmful to all the internal organs. They affect the teeth, bones, kidneys; therefore the use of soda must be reduced to a minimum. "Parents and children should know the dangers of food poisoning," said Begin Match to source 4 in source list. "The packed lunches to take to school and after- school snacks, are vulnerable to two major causes of food borne illness: failure to keep perishables cold and not cook or reheat food at temperatures high enough to kill any bacteria that may be present (Gottlieb 29).”

School cafeterias are considered to be one of the main reasons behind providing the unsafe food. The school cafeterias provide the meals to almost millions of students on daily basis. Thus, it is necessary that these meals should be safe. It is the responsibility of the school authorities that they should take care of the proper standards that could be used for increasing the safety of the food ...
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