Choosing The Best Research Method And Research Design

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Choosing the Best Research Method and Research Design

Choosing the Best Research Method and Research Design


Selecting the right research method is very important for the people conducting researches. Their whole research depends on the method that is being used and the design that is being applied to the research. The researchers have to make sure that they utilize the best and the adequate research method and design so that their research can be conducted in the most appropriate manner. It is important for the people to realize that their selection should be accurate to ensure proper research on the selected topic. Sometimes the researchers choose the research method and design with which they are familiar and comfortable with, which should not be the case (Winerman, n.d.). Research method and design should be chosen on the basis of the topic of the study and what methodology will best suit the study.

Statement of the Problem

Conducting researches has been an important and an essential part in the field of education. It is important for the people to understand the importance of choosing the right and best research design that will assist them in researching in the most appropriate manner (Ploeg, 1999). The two methods used for research purposes are qualitative research and quantitative research. It is important for the researches that they choose the best research method; however, there are certain aspects and factors that they should consider before deciding as to which strategy they should adopt for the research that they are about to conduct. It is important to find the best research methodology and design so that the research can be carried out in manner that is in line with the chosen strategy.

Purpose of the Study

This study will help in understanding as to how people should choose the right and appropriate design and research methodology. This study will help in knowing as to which method is effective and how it will help in carrying out different researches. With the help of this study, the researchers will be able to identify the best practice that is important for them and that will help them in knowing as to how they should go about carrying out their research.

Research Questions

This research will focus on the following questions:

Does qualitative research tend to produce better results as compared to quantitative results?

What are the different aspects on the basis of which researchers choose the research methodology and design for their study?

Does quantitative research utilize better and ethical research procedures that are reliable?

Brief Review of the Literature

Qualitative research includes the different conclusions that are drawn on a sample undertaken for a study. It is important for the people to identify as to how they should decide which methodology to use. The number of people required for a particular study does not determine the kind of study that should be conducted. According to Zaltzman & Leichliter, Qualitative research includes past researches and studies that were conducted. With this, it can be made sure that the people are able to relate ...
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