Christian Worldview - God,Ethics And Human Nature

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Christian Worldview - God,Ethics and Human Nature

Christian Worldview - God, Ethics, and Human Nature


Currently the society is easily influenced by unethical acts and worst immoral personally think we should look more our actions and influencing others, think a little more in doing good, and if you do not know what is good then measure our actions without harm to others. Cooperate in violence disappear from our minds. Society is increasingly in decline and the values ??and standards have been disappearing, do not let that happen to us, think of other people, think of the world. The modern ills are the desire for power, the excessive desire of property, lack of temperance, among others.

Thesis statement

The three components of my worldview are: God, ethics, and human nature


Believe in utmost authority of God

As a Christian it is very important to be an evangelist of an utmost believe of the oneness of God Almighty. It would not be wrong to say that being a Christian the first and the last submission has to be made to the utmost power of God and His commands. In my opinion the thress basic S are to be embedded in the mind of every believer to make it sure that they are following the right path.

These three believes include, Surrender , Submission and Sacrifice. Surrender to the power of GOD, Submission to His will and Sacrifice ones own will for the happiness of the lord, which is eventually the test that is being done in this world. As a human I thinks that what ever I do, God is watching him no matter where he is. This help a human being to remain in his limits and not to cross it or else he will get punishment here and hereafter.

Throughout my life I tried to make it sure that I follow all the norms that are set by the GOD Almighty. However I am a human and tends to make mistake, but on the part of my education, what makes me happy is my despair that I posses after each and every sin I make. This makes me assure that although I might be doing a bad deed but inside I am not a bad human.

Ethics (The intensity of self decisiveness, between right and wrong)

If a person can not govern itself, falls into the tyranny of their own passions, corruption. Is corrupt bribe someone with gifts or otherwise, pervert or seduce someone looking for their own advantage. I think, when there is ethical behavior or effort to develop virtues, we fall into corruption. Today there is much talk of ethics. There are ethical surname: bioethics, ethics of sport, political ethics, business ethics, etc., But the important thing is that the lives of all people work every day and ethically in everything they do (Bhagat, 2008). That is, the act of dominate each criteria of goodness and justice, and are these criteria and values ??prevail. Perform well at important moments of life, united as to ...
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