Christopher Columbus Discovered America

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Christopher Columbus discovered America


Columbus led his three ships - the Nina, pint and Santa Maria the Spanish port of Palos, 3 August 1492. Its goal is to navigate in the west to reach Asia (India), where the treasures of gold, pearls and spices expected. His first stop was the Canary Islands, where the lack of wind left the expedition lull until 6 September.

Thesis Statement

Once underway, Columbus has benefited from the calm sea and air long pushed progressively westward (south Columbus discovered the "trade" the future fuel for boats transporting goods to the New World).

The journey is long, longer than expected or by Columbus and his crew.

To calm the fears of his crew, Columbus had two sets of records: one showing the actual distance traveled per day and shows a shorter distance.

The first publication will be kept confidential. The last log calmed the anxiety of the crew of underreporting of the actual distance they had traveled from their homeland.

Disappointment that it only had a temporary effect, by October 10 dismay of the crew has grown to the point of near revolt. Columbus led the disaster and promised his crew that the land has not been seen in two days, they return home. The ground was discovered the next day.

A new world is revealed

Journal of Columbus's first voyage to America was lost. However, we have an accurate summary of the reviews written by Bartolome de las Casas in the 1530s. Las Casas is a historian and biographer of Christopher Columbus who had access to the original journal's journey. We join his account of Columbus' expedition approaches the islands of the Bahamas. Throughout the day, Columbus refers to himself in third person as the "Admiral"

Thursday October "11

The course was WSW, and there is more sea than there was the whole trip. They saw sand pipers and a green reed near the ship. Those of the caravel pint a profit and saw a pole, and take another small pole which appeared to have been worked by iron, so one more piece of pipe, a land plant, and a small advice. The crew of the caravel Niña also saw signs of land, and a small branch covered with berries. Everyone breathes again and was delighted with these signs. The race until the day was 27 miles.

After sunset the Admiral to its original course west and they went along at 12 miles an hour. ...
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