The Redemption Of Christopher Columbus

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The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

In a aligned development, in a condemned future where mankind has utilised up the Earth's assets and civilization is on the verge of disintegrate, a group of investigators has evolved a appliance called the "Tempoview" to outlook and record the events of the past.

Though endeavouring to refurbish the ravaged soil and maintain individual flexibility, the PastWatchers find out that the humanity in which they reside is doomed. The human rush is decreased to a community of less than a billion after a 100 years of conflict, plague, drought, inundate and famine. Ecological impairment from misuse of expertise will not be fixed rapidly sufficient to save humanity. They are endeavoring to record annals for future generations, when it is disclosed things are far poorer than supposed.

Upon finding out that the Tempoview appliances can drive data into the past, the researchers set upon a objective to rewrite annals and give humanity a second possibility for survival. Their efforts are concentrated on Columbus, a key number whose devout zealotry and irrational fixation on the New World directed to centuries of mass genocide and environmental devastation.

When time journey expertise is evolved, three agencies are dispatched back to 1492 to adjust Columbus' activities for the better. It's a one-way journey though, since their timeline along with every individual they understand and love will be decimated in the method — an conclusion only agreeable since that world is condemned anyway.

In this 'original' annals, Columbus not ever cruised the Atlantic and rather than directed a last European Crusade to arrest Constantinople, taken by the Turks some decades previously. Meanwhile, the Aztec Empire dropped and was restored by an iron-wielding Tlaxcalan domain that was adept of identifying technological advantages. The Tlaxcala were adept to set up a ...
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