Church History

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Church History

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Church History3

The Apostolic Church3

Challenges for Church Leaders Today4

Vital Leadership Challenges4

The Challenge of Personal Kingdom building4

The Challenge of Mentors and Fathers4

The Challenge of Pitching Camp4

Issues to be solved by the leaders of church5



In this research paper, research has been conducted about the history of church. Religion provide us with the basics knowledge about life, that how the people should live their lives. They should know the purpose of life and knows about their responsibilities. For better life, they should follow religion and its teachings. Churches are the religious place for the Christians. There they get each and every teaching about their religion. Other than history, the importance of church is also mentioned in this research paper. The problems and challenges which are faced by the church leaders are also highlighted. The vital leadership problems, challenges of personal kingdom, challenge of mentors and fathers, the challenge of pitching camp are some of the challenges that have been discussed below. After this, some issues are also discussed that should be solved in order to get rid of the above mentioned problems.

Church History


The importance of the complex question in the era of globalization of the religious communities and churches and the religion in the social and political life is rapidly changing which also become the cause of disputing in different religions and the factor of extremist is also exist through which disturbance also occurred in the society and radical and violent reaction was seen. The religions give the concept of the unity and politics as well. Religion gives the knowledge and teachings of living better life. In the current scenario the prevailing model their serration, frequently suppose the predictable conservativeness and maladjustment of churches and religious communities to the modern period. The requirement of their confidential shape is essential requirement of the limitation (Theopedia An Encyclopedia of Christianity, 2012) 


Church History

In 30 A.D when the Christian faith was in progress it has few Jewish followers in the Palestine about a ratio of 1:15 and other were renewal of the Jewish Christ. It was come to know the central religion of the northern world by 3rd century A.D. It also has gained importance in the other areas of the world especially in east and north (Tripolitis, A. 1997).

The Apostolic Church

The Apostolic Church was the community which was led by the apostles and some contribution of the Jesus relatives. In the Great Commission, the main commanded that his teachings be extended in the world but in the mean while they have threat and their historical reliability of the act of Apostles was disputed by critics. The primary source of the information of that period is the act of apostles. The act gives the history of the Church from this commission in13-11 to the famous of the religion among gentiles and the eastern by Paul and other.  All essentially all racially Jewish or Jewish proselytes by the earlier first Christians. In the different words, Jesus peoples follow the Jewish people and make them called his first disciples ...
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