Church History

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Church History


In this writing, I am going to explain what religion connotes to a person. The basic accentuate will be in explaining how life has evolved from the religion. No two religions are similar; Religion is a composition of traditions, customs and norms that depict what type of practices are requisite. Diversity of religion is present since the origin of humanity on this planet. More than 4000 religions are practiced. Christianity is the largest religion to be practiced to date. More than 33% people across the global are adept to this religion. The origin of churches for Christians to worship is as early as the 1600s. In the early century, the practice of Christianity faced many difficulties. Their worship was made illegal which result in in-house and secret worships. 4th century brought some radical changes for the Christians. The worship was made official, and the edifice of church accelerate. The design and structure of the church has undergone drastic changes since the origin depending upon many factors e.g. county, nature and the type of church. With time, the worship of any religion is given liberty, but it is still facing challenges.

Church History


For a person, religion is an anthology of various belief system, cultural models and world views. It is exclusively due to the religious conviction that humanity is related to spirituality. Not only humanity, in fact morals are allied to values. It is owing to religion that the origin of life in the cosmos is alleged and a new connotation to life is established. No two religions are identical. They vary in the form of different ethnicity, mores, narration and symbols. The idea of living in the world is derived from these religions. Living life styles are then estimated accordingly. Once a religion is adopted then its practice may involve following some rituals, homily, visit of holy places and fiesta (Vichert. J n.d, p.277).Religion has a diverse nature. Some stress on having firm belief while other solicits devoted practice. Some people consider their religion universal while other find it really restricted. Considering this diversity, religions have been divided into three categories; world religion, aboriginal religion and latest religious movements. According to an estimate there are currently more than 4000 religion in this world. The five most followed religion are; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Chinese religion (Vichert. J n.d, p.279).

Christianity & its origin

Religion is obligatory for humanity to exist. Human involvement in the physical and social life is not enough. Harmony with a supreme reality is necessary. Religion alone can give the eternal and absolute rest to human life. At present, Christianity encompasses the highest percentage of people e.g. 33%. The faith of Christian is based on the life and teaching of Jesus.

They belief in Jesus as the Christ (the son of God). Christianity is the advent from the mid-1st century. It has grown over the decades replacing the religions practiced in the Roman rule. The followers of Christianity believe that Jesus suffered, died and was buried and he ...
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