Civilization Of Europe During Middle Ages

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Civilization of Europe During Middle Ages

Civilization of Europe During Middle Ages


The period of middle ages or medieval has strong influence in history of civilization of Europe. Various sources can be found which provide insights of different dimensions of civilization of Europe from various historical readings such as Lacock, The West academic journals and books, Saint Augustine (354-430) and poems of Beowulf. In addition, there are evidences found from letters of Heloise and Abelard and travel experiences shared from Benjamin of Tudela which provides great insight into civilization of Europe during the Middle Ages.


Augustine (354-430)

One of a greatest contribution in putting light on European and Western history during Middle Ages was narrated by the famous church leader Augustine (354-430) in his book “The City of God.” The book is based on personal biography of Augustine which provides insights in European and world history from deep personal world (James, 2001). Written after 410, it covers the why Visigoths sacked Rome during that time which was far more devastating than actual end sixty six years later in Western Roman Empire. Augustine narrated the history purely on the basis in religious terms as compared to other writings which explained the military and political explanations of events at that time (Smalley, 1983).


Lacock has great importance in terms of geographical areas in building civilization of Europe during Middle Ages. The 13th Century onwards had seen great development of European' wool industry that established new market for Europeans across the globe (Jill, 1987). This geographical location has great importance as compared to other because it was significantly noticed and marked for its wealth which was benefited from trade of wool industry. Researchers state that wool trade decline significantly in Lacock during later stages of Middle Ages, however it was significantly bounced back and continued to prosper in the geographical because of its position that lies between Marlborough and Bristol which opened new markets and opportunities of trade until the end of 18th century (James, 2001).


Beowulf has the significant importance in civilization of Europe during middle ages because it describes the oral literature of Europe in form of poem. The Beowulf is written somewhere between 7th to 8th century which was written by Anglo Saxon. The poem is based on primitive violence of early Middle Ages which shows the new dawn of killing of violence and leading to context of civilization of Europe during ...
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