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What really happens in my classroom that creates the most student success and learning?


The paper describes the research report, in a Special Needs School which investigated the impact of using 'TEACCH' strategies. The teacher was filmed taking a class of 8 students using work stations, visual cues/timetables and reward sheets with the students that are autistic, both high and low functioning, ADHD, behaviour problems and communication difficulties. Two supply teachers were introduced to this process and the same resources were used to teach the same students. The resources noted above were effective. The students worked and remained focused in both the supply and regular teachers' lessons.

The purpose of my investigation was to discover if any teachers that used these resources at different times to teach, were actually the ones that made a positive difference to behaviour and learning. In addition, the possibility of adopting this model for use by various subject teachers throughout the school is being considered. In arriving at this, the paper gave some details into the theoretical and conceptual frameworks about action research and TEACCH. Some related literature was reviewed in line with the action plan, research methods and procedures, implementation and follow-up plans, assessment and evaluation techniques etc. Justifications and inherent benefits of the research work and the new model being proposed for use throughout the school were also highlighted in the report.

Table of Contents


Theoretical and Conceptual Framework4

Action research and TEACCH6

Choosing TEACCH over other approaches for the study8

Other research9

Models to Adapt For the Research Work10

Research Action Plans13


Research Aim13

Research Design14

Data collection14

The Work I Want to Carry Out14

Assessment Techniques and evaluation16



What really happens in my classroom that creates the most student success and learning?


I intend to improve the learning procedure and strategies so that the students get the most out of teaching and learning. My aim is to integrate teaching with the principles of TEACCH, which provides teaching guidelines and study programs. To date, numerous attempts are made to support those with educational challenges within a classroom setting. One approach, which has been widely, and successfully used within both mainstream and distinctive education classrooms are TEACCH Mesibov & Howley, (2003). For the person of all ages and skill levels through autism spectrum disorders, TEACCH is a whole program of service, guidance, and study programs. It makes utilization of several methods and techniques in novel combination, based upon the person's requirements and rising potential. I want to carry out the assessment, vocational training, and programs for the autistic children. For this purpose, I intend to carry out the effectiveness of TEACCH program to ensure its effectiveness in the class room learning.

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

TEACCH division started in 1996 as part of the department of Psychiatry of the School of Medicine at Birth Carolina University, USA. TEACCH provides a wide range of services to the children, toddlers and families who come across the special education needs. Over the last 30 years, it has become increasingly well recognized that many children with autism have a strong preference for visual ...
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