Distance Learning Vs. The Traditional Classroom

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Distance Learning vs. The Traditional Classroom

Distance Learning vs. The Traditional Classroom

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.” This philosophy was written in 360 B.C. by Greek philosopher Plato. Any person who wants to further educate themselves has many options to choose from. They can end their education with high school or further it with a college education. This can be done in a classroom or online. It seems that you determine your results based on what you take from or put into your studies. Any person of any age can receive an education as long as they want to. Academic, personal and social benefits allow an on-line college student to receive an education as good as a traditional student (Daniel 1996).

Academically, Distance learning has benefits a traditional student cannot receive. Doing an online course allows the classroom to be in your own home, whereas a traditional student must go to a school. If a person is ill, then they can still attend class without affecting their grade or attendance and that of other students. Online students always have the unlimited supply of materials around them. They don't need to worry about forgetting a textbook or assignment since those materials are in their own home. Being an online student allows more time in the classroom. When at home, you don't have a time limit on the subject you are learning; therefore, you don't have to stress about taking everything in, in a short amount of time. You always have the opportunity to continuously look at the matter at hand. Having your home as a classroom can be very rewarding even though I have only shown a few examples(Moore 2005).

Students may elect to take classes online for personal gain. First of ...
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