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BarnardChoose the one woman in history or fiction to communicate with in an hour and explain their choices. What would you say?Coco Chanel

Fashion empire Chanel has brought in more than 160 million dollars a year of her death. The genius behind the empire was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel or her name designer Coco Chanel. Moving from one house to another as a child, she wanted her husband and family. Chanel never been married and never had children. creations Chanel Fashion Revolution and set the standard for the fashion industry. It has forever changed the way women looked and how women look at themselves.At the age of twelve, mother of Coco Chanel died, and his father was gone. Her two aunts raised to seventeen years, Chanel has been taken to live with the nuns at the orphanage Aubazine. There she developed a sense of loneliness and mental anguish. These topics will be with her throughout her adult life. Young Chanel desired nothing more in life than marriage and love for her husband. Perhaps it was the lack of a "classic" family system, which caused these unfulfilled dreams.

Chanel never married nor had she would children. According to some rumors, Chanel could not have children because of botched abortions attempt in his youth. I would like to talk about how the woman devotes herself to her career all the passion, innovation and perseverance. Coco Chanel is not always dreams of becoming a famous fashion designer. She danced, trying to be an actress, is on sale jersey, rode horses, do mineral water, and worked as a singer. Coco Chanel opened her first millinery shop in 1909 in Paris. With an obsessive dedication to Chanel and Etienne Balsan, playboy who would finance it, the store would be a success. It says a lot about Chanel that she was able to turn a small boutique, who hired two teenage girls in one of the most profitable fashion houses of all time.

She has won recognition is enough to create a second store in Paris. Luxurious clothes, fabrics, jewelry, and the influence of her second collection, and it is a second store in the area which was easily accessible to the very wealthy. Staples of modern fashion day, which she introduced into the world, bobbed hair, trousers for women, "the little black dress", the elimination of the corset from female fashion, high fashion accessories skiing, men's style in clothes, sunbathe, use to knit a sweater, a bathing suit women and sports fashion. She also became a Hollywood fashion designer. Attendance dropped in the theaters, and in efforts to attract women theatergoers, the studio asked Chanel costume design, which would appeal to women. Probably the only element that most ensured Chanel is not the time to remember clothing, but the spirit is named in her honor, Chanel ? 5. It was first launched in its Art Deco bottle in 1923. It was the first perfume to bear the name of the ...
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