Common Uses Of The Internet In Education

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Common Uses of the Internet in Education


The paper is emerging research on how the Internet can be an important component of a program that significantly increases student learning. This type of program entails students and teachers to have suitable access to the Internet and instruction in its use. It also involves changes in curriculum content, instructional practices, and evaluation to take advantage of the communication and information storage.

Common Uses of the Internet in Education


The Internet, a worldwide network of networks connecting millions of computers and computer users is a relatively new resource for educators. In the fall of 1998, 89 percent of U.S. public schools private and 51 percent of all classrooms had Internet access. The rapid growth of the Internet and has dynamic nature of research questions that educators are still in the process of being studied. Researchers are beginning to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet in the classroom. However, even at this early stage, there is emerging evidence that the Internet offers a variety of valuable aid for education.

Methods and Comparisons

The Internet provides an update on a variety of topics related to the classroom is available from other sources. The content of textbooks, library and teachers' knowledge is enhanced by this new medium. Computer networks are increasingly seen as an aid to communication and information storage and retrieval (Honan, 1999). In that sense, the Internet can be thought of as a natural extension of 5,000 years of progress that began with the development of reading and writing, and has included such inventions as the moveable type press, telegraph, telephone, radio TV, video, and communications satellites (Logan, 1995).

In today's society, the Internet has become a very important learning tool that is used for day to day, as ...
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