Communicating Across Distance And Culture

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Communicating Across Distance and Culture


Poetry is a beautiful way of expressing one's feelings. The poets communicate their perceptions, history and feelings through the poems, it is their voice. Poetry allows an individual to see beyond the surface to the feelings of the poet. To effectively express their feelings and their message, the poets utilize a number of literary and poetic elements. These literary devices and elements have always assisted the readers in understanding and enjoying the poetry as well as facilitating the poets in communicating their message effectively.


Beauty, feelings and perceptions are expressed and emphasized through poetry. At times, finding and using appropriate words become difficult. The poets find that mere words cannot express their feelings in the right way; this is the reason why they take assistance through the different literary devices and elements. These devices and elements help the poets in properly communicating their feelings to the readers. While the readers are able to properly grasp the concept and enjoy the poetry. Symbols in poems can be derived from representing nature, animals, and religion to the people, ideas and thoughts and feelings of people. It is the task of the poet to take the use of symbols is not easy (Foster, pp. 45). When the poet objects to represent people and ideas used, it requires readers to use their own experience and know that a symbol can have multiple meanings. The use of symbols increases the reading of a poem. Symbols such as the spring season or cocoons can represent new life, while falling leaves and the end of the year, represents death. Metaphors are devices to build an analogy between two things, rather than one conceived symbolically represent another thing in the poem does not exist or an abstract.

Akhenaten's "Hymn to the Sun," has ...
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