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Communication Journal

Communication Journal


Communication refers to the exchange of ideas, thoughts and other information in different ways. It can be written and verbal and also includes body language, gestures, posture and other such elements. Different people possess different and unique ways to communicate and correspond. Some talk well while others write well; some have a convincing style while others make more use of body language and postures. Thus, there is no standard way of communicating in different situations with different people. Here, we will discuss, in brief, the ways people present their ideas and thoughts during their formal presentations


There are various ways of communication in different practical settings. Delivering presentations is one such context where many effective communication strategies are applied.

During presentations, fluency in spoken language and a convincing body language counts a lot. A confident body language includes fine, sober gestures and short movements of hand and feet, while spoken language consists of the choice of proper words, elaborated and structured sentences spoken in convincing manner. Professional presenters and speakers tend to maintain proper eye contact and frequent smiles in order to keep the audience's interest and keep them involved in the subject matter of presentation.

People giving formal presentations are careful that their dressing is formal, and they look and sound presentable. Moreover, the arguments presented during the whole interval are strong, valid and authentic. They are also relevant, and adequately cater to the type of audience present there. (Duarte Nancy, 2008)


The pattern of communication changes when it comes to formal and informal discussions. These involve sharing the ideas, brainstorming, and looking for new perspective while sitting in a group or team. Posture and gestures are not as important as the points presented during discussion. People listen to each other and collaborate in order to plan for a ...
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