Reflective Journal Essay

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Reflective Journal essay

Reflective Journal essay

1st week:

No one attend the class but we all tried to find out what has been discussed in the class and to collect all the required lectures from the other students. For this we selected one of the team members and it was his duty to ask other student to gather all the missed lectures.

2nd week

This week we had to gather all information regarding knife crime in London. To this step we learnt about different survey style. We got to know that about different survey methods. Longitudinal Surveys

Going from a department meeting within the Humanities faculty to a communication plan meeting was a breath of fresh air. Members of the communication department were always given the chance to put items on the agenda before it was written up, and we would all be given a copy before the meeting so we could prepare ourselves as we saw fit. Tables were pushed together so that we could all see each other while we were discussing agenda items. People took it in turns to make tea and coffee for each other and bring in small cakes and biscuits. I also noticed that people were genuinely grateful when the refreshments were served. It has to be said that there was a certain buzz in the Communication department due to the fact that as a communication college a huge amount of money had been set aside for the building of a new communication strategy. Even though the department knew that for a term they would have to be nomadic while they waited for the new block to be finished and that this would be very awkward they made sure that certain things were in place and that they would help each other as much as possible - almost a sense of shared and equal suffering. The end result was in sight and right from the beginning all of the members of the team had been asked what they would want to have in their ideal communication strategy. Although this seems simple enough, this technique actually provided the Head of Department with the chance to show his team that he valued what they thought and respected their opinions and as a team they drew up the plans for what they all wanted.

Week 3:

During this week, the instructor started to assign the reading, and the reading is about "communication strategy" by Walker Percy. To complete this project I need to re-read it over and over again, till I get to the point of what he is talking about. Reading is not just only concentrated to read, it is much more difficult then I thought. I needed to look up in the dictionary for any confusing term in order to continue with my reading, take side notes by summarizing what I read so far, and my reaction to Percy essay because I have a short memory. It is a helpful technique to help improve my writing and ...
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