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A Reflective Journal

A Reflective Journal


This report is based on my personal feelings as to why I would like to work and what are the conditions as well as what kind of job I would like to take up. The decision of taking up a job of ones choice would be the best thing that has ever happened to any one in life. I would like my future job to be in any recognized organization. Now let me discuss the main factors that would actually motivate me to love my job day by day and do it even in a better way.

Important Factors in Any Future Job

Previously I had worked for a school that is Kindergarten. It was fun being among innocent, little hooligans. They were cute at times and yet they got on my nerves at times. But all in all it was fun. One gets to learn a lot among people. You come across various kinds of people and challenges. These challenges shape up the human to get ready to confront the challenging world. Responsibilities on a person make them alert, good management and prepared for the future. I would like to do a variety of work as I get bored doing the same kind of job. I strongly believe in the saying Variety is the spice of life. It is changes that make a person flexible and open minded.

Nowadays people think of money as more important. But in my opinion interesting work is more meaningful. As it's a matter of daily chore I would like to choose a profession that's interesting and fun for me. I would feel comfortable as well as work even more creatively with a job that's of interest to me. With hard work and creativity I can make a valuable difference to the company ...
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