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Reflective journal


Hospitality organisations are increasingly recognized as pivotal in the ability of destinations to benefit from tourism as well as to satisfy tourism demand. However, it is recognized that they are often marginalized from the mainstream tourism industry, owing to their inability and reluctance to utilize information technologies. ( By analysing the new technological trends it provides a solid basis for analysing the impacts of the Information Communication Technology revolution on the tourism industry and therefore will effectively increase the productivity of tourism industry.

My comments

The issues regarding the use of information technologies is firstly the non existence of the skill needed to be able to use the Internet for communication. Some of the hospitality and tourism company could not effectively use the Internet for their day to day working assignment. ( For example, the advancement of information technologies had lead people to buy ticket and book hotel online which is easy and less time consuming than to search the yellowpage, however some of the hotel and tourism companies still does not use this technologies but relies on telephone services. This prove that these companies does not have the skill needed to make good use of the Information Technology.

After that, even if a company could use the Information Technology in booking and selling tickets, it proves hard to coordinate the actual time and date of the booking. This is because some company are using phone while the other is using computer. There might be a clash between these two system and the customer might end up no getting his reservation. ( The suggestion for this matter is that all the companies should use a single system but since the skill needed for information technology is does not exist is every company, this is still a major problem encountered.

But the ...
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