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Personal Skills Inventory Essay

Personal Skills Inventory Essay


This essay is about the communication skills, which are required for everyone to communicate effectively with others. It is not just necessary for the communication, but also these skills are required for everyone to move along in their lives confidently. The essay tells about my personal skills related with the communication. In the first part of this essay, I am trying to analyze my face to face and online communication skills. Second part is related with the skills, which required further improvement. The skills, which I think required further improvements are time management and social networking skills.

I am trying to tell in this essay that, how these skills are essential for my personal life, also for my academic excellence.

Thesis Statement

How face to face and online communications help in personal and academic life, and how can I improve my additional skills like social networking, and time management.


Communication Skills

As it is mention in the introductory paragraph, that the essay is about the communication skills and other skills, it tells the present strength and weakness about these skills, and how I can improve these in future.

Face to Face Communication

Face to face communication skill is an essential part of communication. MOSTLY, communication is done through this communication style. It is easy to express the views or feeling for anything in front of the person, in comparison with other modes of communication (Dobkin & Pace, 2006). If I talk about my personal experience, I will mark this mode of communication on the higher level because this skill is not only essential in my personal life, but also it gives me powerful help during my academic life. For talking with teachers, and with other fellow students, I must need exceptional expertise over face to face communication (Dobkin & Pace, 2006).

I am good in the face to face to face communication, but at some point of time, I feel the problem in showing my exact views about the situation. It mostly happens when I communicate with any elder, or teacher (Rees, 1996). I can improve my face to face communication with the help of improving my grammatical mistakes, and structure of the sentence because whenever I start communicating I cannot make a difference in between the formal and informal communication, which lead me to a dissatisfaction with my communication style. I know that these skills are essential for both in my personal and academic career. I must have to improve my lacking in this skill area (Dobkin & Pace, 2006).

I also have some upcoming courses which help me in improving this skill, courses like sociology, verbal communication, and business writing will undoubtedly help me in enhancing my face to face communication skill. I can also take the help of my teacher and colleagues to improve my face to face to face communication. They can guide me whenever they feel that I am not communicating well (Rees, 1996).

Online Communication

Online communication is becoming necessary in today's modern ...
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