Communism Collapse

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The Collapse of Communism

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The evolution of communism5

The early development6

The emergence of early communist states8

The spread of communism11

History of the cold war14

The collapse of communism15

The breakthrough of communism19

The domestic causes of downfall of communism19

External causes of communism collapse22



The Collapse of Communism


“From everyone according to his ability to everyone according to his needs” - Karl Marx (Rothbard, n.d, p.5).

A government runs and operates under a political system. A political system defines the entities working, in order to, run the particular political system. It also defines the course of actions any government plans to take. It encompasses institutions, interest groups and structure of the government. There are numerous government systems ruling the blue planet. Communism is amongst such political systems.

Communism is defined as “a political system that advocates replacement of private ownership and profit based economic system with public ownership, as well as, total communal authority over means of production” (Bowman, n.d., p.4) . Further, “It is a theory or system of social organization based on the holding and ownership of entire property in common, belonging to a community or state as a whole as contrary to individual ownership” (Stromer, 1964, p.5). Communism is the form of government that ensures a social order that is based on equal rights for every individual, as a citizen of the state. Communism advocates, building a society, that has classless, moneyless and status less social structure.

The collapse of communist forces came into play in the decade of nineties (Bowman, n.d., p.4). he paper has taken an in depth analysis of the history of communism (Tucker, n.d, p.16). It studies all developing periods from primitive communism to the collapse of communist forces. It also discusses the reasons that why the communist collapse were seen as inevitable in the decade of nineties. It also discusses the reasons which led to collapse of such forces and discusses the communism as compared to the democratic systems under capitalistic economy. The paper also discusses the timeline of evolution of communism till the collapse and failure of communist powers (Bowman, n.d., p.4).


The word communism is driven from Latin word 'communis', which means universal or common. As the word describes, communism stands on the foundation of common ownership for means of production. State ownership is the founding value of communism, which builds one political, economic and social ideology (Bowman, n.d., p.4). The symbol of communism is 'the hammer and the sickle', which denotes that the labor class is the principal contributor for developing means of production for any state, yet it is the most impoverished class of society. Communism emerged on the world as the voice of labor class, calling them as 'proletariat'. The 'hammer' signifies the workers, whereas, the 'Sickle' represents the peasants (Bowman, n.d., p.4).

The political system was proposed by Karl Marx in the 19th century. The followers of communist system, are therefore, called 'Marxists'. The concept immensely influenced the 20th century politics. The 20th century witnessed two division of the world, that ...
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