Community Challenge Seeing Crime Differently

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Community challenge seeing crime differently


Community challenge seeing crime differently

Community challenge seeing crime differently


Crimes have been experienced in societies since the beginning of time, and have been accepted as the nature of man, given the right circumstances or the wrong motive. The extent of criminal behavior may vary, but one may only analyze the motive of crime through a thorough working knowledge of human psychology .If one lives n a crime free community it is likely they would not be able to adapt in an environment where criminal behavior is ample, but it is impossible right now to track down communities that have remained off the map of criminal behavior being observed in the inhabitants. Learning more about the criminal aspects of ones society through a biological and psychological know-how remain to be the only methods that can provide information about why communities are thus riddled by crimes and offenders. Although quite a controversial issue in communities, it is also one that has seen increasing importance given the level of crimes that have slowly been emerging. In this paper, I will be examining the nature of criminal justice in communities and how it may be on the receiving end of many violations itself, given the nature of crime and accessibility of law enforcement agencies.


Workings of the criminal court

Governmental agencies are starting to realize the margin of this problem, and have begun to call for empirically validated as well as proactive solutions to such problems of violence and extreme antisocial behavior on youth(Greenberg, Domitrovich, & Bumbarger, 1999). For instance, it has been garnered that there are often behavioral and emotional disorders in children who are so antisocial as to cause damage not only to themselves but to people around them. Often, children like that drop out of school and turn towards extracurricular activities that are often no less worse than the violence at schools. Antisocial behavior may be accurately defined as that of being "hostile or performing harmful acts to organized society" (Merriam-Webster, 2001). Behavior like this is often conducted to go outside of social norm for personal gain, attention or even just bullying. It must be eradicated so that schools may be able to enjoy peace and prosperity again, and not be known as a haven for delinquents.

The criminal justice system is made of three divisions, the police, courts, and corrections. This system is in place to maintain and enforce societal laws by controlling crime and assuring criminals are reprimanded for their criminal actions. The criminal justice system does not stop crime in societies, but was implemented to deter people from committing crimes with the fear of becoming part of the system. Its main purpose is to protect people and their communities from those that are not deterred by the system. Each division is independent in their working against crimes but they are not independent of one ...
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