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Community College

If you would like to start your college career for an affordable price, then Owens is the best choice for anyone to make. Owens Community College was my choice for many reasons. I have heard that Owens is an excellent school to attend if someone were trying to figure out what you wanted to do for your career or what major one was deciding to choose.

I remember growing up all through my life and hearing people talk about college and their future plans, myself being just a kid, didn't care at all, I just wanted to live life. I always remember saying when I was a little kid “ I'm going to go to Ohio State University, because they have the best football team.” I eventually found out and realized that there was a lot more to choosing a college other then how good their football team is.

Many things figure into choosing the right college for yourself. For example, what you want to choose for your career and what you will major in. Sometimes what you want to major in has a lot to do with where you will attend college. Certain schools have specialties that would benefit the students that wish to further their learning in that certain area.

Since the middle of my senior year of high school I was set on becoming a high school history teacher. I was told by my high school guidance counselor to attend Bowling Green State University if my heart was set on becoming a teacher. Bowling Green is known for their excellence in producing teachers, so I figured that was where my mind was set on going to. After I decided to become a teacher, I looked further into the occupation and saw some things I really didn't like. The big factor that sort of steered me away from becoming a teacher was the salaries. I now knew this wasn't the path for me because I'm always in it to make the big bucks.

My father was attending Owens Community College during my senior year in high school, and he was always telling me how the medical field was in such a high demand. He told me that Owens was known for their excellent nursing school and how their job placement percentage was very successful. I eventually looked into nursing and found out that it paid a very good salary ...
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