Community Plan

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Community Plan

Executive Summary

A city should provide services to all citizens, irrespective of overcrowding, against a cost, asked people not commensurate with their actual cost. Strategically, plan assumes the planned act of organizing the effectiveness required to achieve the objectives of rehabilitating the city, find the right path to get to the track so as to be used strategies that lead to it. The community should be protected from the crimes of all sorts while continuing to house more criminals at the same time. For an effective and efficient state, with a modern state administration without corruption, that serves the people fairly, and at less cost. The major issues faced by the state are of Globalization. Mediations are detected and recognized the unpredictability of many situations, solidarity in the era of globalization of economic relations the main problem facing the state. In the core countries the state is overwhelmed by ultra-liberal market forces.

Present Scenario

Large City USA has a population of 1.1 million and is currently growing at 5% per year in a state that has a population of 2.2 million also growing at 5% per year. The state has an outdated prison plan and faces overcrowding in each of its three facilities including one located five miles outside of Large City. The three facilities were planned and built more than 20 years ago when Large City had a population of approximately 300,000 and the state's population was approximately 630,000.

1- Managing Overcrowding & Budgets

A city should provide services to all citizens, irrespective of overcrowding, against a cost asked people not commensurate with their actual cost. It is, therefore, activities, services unprofitable, but which are essential for the proper functioning of a human community that bring all kinds of benefits over the long term. It speaks of places in nurseries and childcare, school meals, swimming pools, soccer fields, tennis, museums, theaters, libraries, activities and support to seniors, the support and assistance to the poorest, low-cost housing. All these benefits, all these tasks of the municipal government have a cost that will affect the budget balance(Elliott & Anthony 2001). The financial health of the city is an essential. The city can reach a budget by public programs with envelopes. In the current budgetary climate, it is strongly oppose any attempt to lower taxes because it would interfere with repayment of debt and put the City in a very difficult situation. Finally, the city's ...
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