Comparing Two Articles

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Comparing Two Articles

Comparing two articles on the same subject


The purpose of this discussion is to shed light on the different approaches to personality disorder as adopted by two articles. One of the articles selected for this purpose is a peer-reviewed journal article whereas the other one is a news article. The journal article selected for this purpose is Interactions between bipolar disorder and antisocial personality disorder in trait impulsivity and severity of illness. This article was authored by Swann, Lijffijt, Lane, Steinberg, & Moeller (2010) and published in Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. The second article that has been selected for this purpose is Borderline Personality Disorder authored by Marshall & Weinstock (2011) and published by Health Media Ventures, Inc.

The discussion will compare the two articles in terms of the degree to which each was entertaining as well as any form of bias that was present in the two articles. In addition, the discussion will also attempt to highlight if the statements of facts stated in the two articles were supported with adequate citations as evidence. On a concluding note, the discussion will give consideration to the degree to which the conclusions of the two articles were clear and warranted.


The borderline personality disorder or borderline is a disease characterized by emotional dysregulation, polarized thinking, chaotic relationships and overall mood instability. Those who suffer this disease suffer low self-esteem and physical pain, which leads them to harm themselves and often take drugs or have sex rampant. All this is compounded by the lack of understanding of society and the people surrounding the patient from this ailment, and misdiagnosis of therapists, who often treat the patient for other disorders such as depression, anorexia, anxiety, etc. Therefore, the borderline is one of psychiatric disorders in which there is a higher suicide rate.

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