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Although there are people who are of the opinion that the narrative of Mrs Mary Rowlandson of the late seventeenth (17th) century is dissimilar to the movie released in the year 1990 with the name of Dances with Wolves, even then there are some similarities between the two. Hollywood is tarnished for reiterating ideas every now and then. Once something is fruitful, one can assure that the studio garbs are anxious in finding various ways of copying the main theme.

Comparison of both the Movies

In the year 1676 on the 20th of February, a gang of people who belonged from the Narragansett India attacked on Mrs Mary Rowlandson house. All these attacks were nothing but part of the revolt which was then called as King Philip's Warfare. Whilst the Narragansett Indians attacked the house of Mrs Rowlandson, they seized her and her three children. Rowlandson's story of her custody mainly lasted for not more than eleven (11) weeks. However, this narrative was one of the most enlightening parts for the Puritan mind set settlers for the period of this era. Now this above explained story is somewhat different with what is portrayed in the movie Dances with Wolves in the year 1990. Dances with Wolves of Orion Pictures were a direction by Kevin Costner. However, on the other hand, still there are a number of similarities amongst the (2) two works, i.e. Rowlandson with that of Dancing with Wolves. As per the film “Dancing with the Wolves” the central character with the name of John Dunbar, go through an alteration or transformation, which is, an amendment in the character's view about the world. This is mainly due to the diverse experiences they undergo by living among the Native people of America (Paul Lauter et al, pp: 2936).

The effect of Mary Rowlandson's ...
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