Comparison And Contrast Between Jesus Christ And Buddha

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Comparison and Contrast between Jesus Christ and Buddha

Comparison and Contrast between Jesus Christ and Buddha


The lives of Buddha and Jesus Christ draw various similarities. From their birthing to their awakenings, the two pious icons can be observed as nearly indistinguishable (Oxtoby & Segal, 2007). However, there are some considerable differences in the lives of these two leaders as well.

Thesis Statement

Both Jesus and Buddha are pertinent in our lives, for the times of conflict as well as in peaceful times. Their complementary, yet contrasting lives bring to light the continuous human effort towards independence as a normal state of human kind.


The similarities between these two leaders are extraordinary and the dissimilarities are few. In matching up the religions, the two appear to be on comparatively even position (Ellwood, 2003). A few differences, though, are considerable. Majority of people can associate with a man who belonged to an ordinary family. Majority of people cannot associate with a man who was a prince by birth (Ellwood, 2003). Basically, however, these two holy beings can be seen as almost indistinguishable leaders of their beliefs or religions.

Comparison and Contrast

To start with, the birth of Jesus Christ is considered to have been an "immaculate conception" (McGrath, 2006). The birth of Buddha was not strange in any way, though, it was believed from his birth that he may raise to be a powerful religious leader (Oxtoby & Segal, 2007). The factor of dependency was that if he perceived old age, ill health, bereavement and a sacred man, he would turned out to be a religious leader instead of a ruler. This prediction is said to have spot on at the age of sixteen (Sri Rahula, 1997), which takes us to the next similarity in the lives of these two deities.

It has been said in the Bible that God directly addressed Jesus and declared that he is the beloved son of God (McGrath, 2006). This was the moment of awakening for Jesus Christ. For Buddha, the awakening moment arrived when he went away from his palace and departed into the city. Whilst on this excursion, Buddha first came across an old man, after that an ill man, followed by a dead man (Sri Rahula, 1997). Lastly, he witnessed a marveling acetic and chose to pursue this path.

Buddha's childhood was pretty much unlike from Christ's, though. Jesus was brought up in an ordinary family and his father was a carpenter. While Buddha was prince by birth and lived a luxurious and easy life (Sri Rahula, 1997). It was not in anticipation of his familiarity with the "four encounters" that Buddha turned his back from this life.

The direction of these two icons can as well be observed as very parallel. Jesus Christ roamed independently from one place to another preaching to the common populace (Ellwood, 2003). Buddha also wandered from town to town trying to accomplish his destiny. However, Buddha wondered unaccompanied whereas Jesus got followers together as he went.

Another similarity that can be depicted is between the lessons both ...
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