Comparison And Contrast_ The Bible And The Koran

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Comparison and contrast_ the Bible and the Koran

Comparison and contrast_ the Bible and the Koran


Koran and Bible both are the scriptures that were revealed by God. Muslims consider Koran as the last Holy Book and regard it as a server that provides guidance related to every aspect of life. Christians, on the other hand, consider Bible as a book that serves as a source of guidance for them. This essay will focuses on the comparison and contrast of the two revealed books.


Koran and Bible as being revelations from the only God possess a number of similarities. Both the holy scriptures include narratives, teachings and criticisms. Some of them include


Similar Teaching

Both the books provide people with a similar teaching that the world is a creation of single Almighty, God who provides guidance in the form of commandments to all the people to follow the morality set out for them. God is the only creator and no one can match his power and wisdom. Humans are required by both books to act in a morally acceptable manner.


Both books are a source of guidance. Muslims consider Koran as the book dictated by God himself and thus it is an excellent source as God himself has taken responsibility for the protection of this book. Bible is considered as completely true by Christians as the believe Bible is a revelation to the Jews and through the Jews. Divine inspiration is a method used for the writing of this book.

Ethical values

The value is given to the concept of honesty and faithfulness by both books. At the same time, idolization and murder are condemned. Prayer and fasting constitutes the important pillars of both religions.


Both scriptures have high worship and respect for the words of God. Koran holds a belief that the Holy Books are the words of God and Muslims live with a faith the God has dictated those words. The Bible considers the words of Jesus as a source of words of God. Koran also considers Jesus as God's words (Dew, pp.n.d.)


These are the special beings or in other words supernatural agents who perform the activity of carrying God's message. Both books have portrayed the name of Gabriel.


Both Koran and Bible claim that they are free of error, and there are no contradictions. Koran contains many textual variants; however, the actual words of Koran have never been altered (Chirri, pp.113). The variants just contain the elaboration of the meaning of the messages contained in the Holy Book of Muslims.


Despite being Holy Scriptures, the similarities between the two books seem to be superficial. A number of contrasting elements lie in between these books. Some of the main ones include

Similar Figures

Koran Bible represents about over 50 people in common, typically in the same accounts. Prophets Job, Enoch, and Ishmael were identified by Koran, but no story is given to them. Bible, on the other hand, identifies all these persons as righteous men but not ...
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