Comparison Of The Eta Political/Terrorist Group Of Spain And The Al-Qaeda

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Comparison of the ETA political/terrorist group of Spain and the Al-Qaeda

ETA and Al Qaeda are termed as most dangerous terrorist groups, but both have a different philosophy and mode of action. The basic idea, upon which the whole organization runs, is firstly the claims to defend "home", and the second is the desire to hit enemy's territory, where they usually make war. Sometimes arises a third scenario, a neutral ground, where the terrorist group can feel secure.

In ETA HB appears political action, and violent action against the enemy (PP, PSOE or FSE) and to traitors (moderate nationalism and former members of the organization).

The scenario "home" of Al Qaeda is all Arab countries. Political action is done through some madaresas, Islamic schools where they preached holy war, and through political organizations fundamentalists. Violent action in this area is against the enemy (the U.S. troops, embassies, troops and to a lesser extent the UN) and against the traitors (Iraqi police, other Islamic schools like Shiites etc). (Netzley,2008,pp 65-75)

In enemy territory is where they perform most violent actions. These actions have two main aims. The first hit the enemy and harm it, so as to provoke a reaction from the enemy in the home setting. The second is to create an image in home territory and gather some public support. The terrorists cause a reaction at home by hitting the enemy first. In the eyes of their fans terrorists appear to be the "good", the only real brave fighting against the enemy. Enemy territory for ETA is Spain, the enemy is Spanish government, and Spain is where the attacks are carried out. Spanish interests abroad have never been a priority especially because they are on neutral ground (Bhattacharji, 2008). Enemy territory for Al Qaeda is the West, any Western country, particularly Christian countries, and that their struggle is disguised in religious beliefs. The objectives of both organizations are social and territorial. The social objective of ETA is a communist society. Its territory is Euskal Herria, Navarre and some parts of France and the ultimate goal is to form an autonomous Basque territory. The social objective of Al Qaeda is a fundamentalist Islamic society. Its territory constitutes all traditionally Muslim countries. There is no match in the social and territorial objectives of the two organizations. Interestingly only Western capitalism as a common enemy for both. To achieve the objectives violence is used as the primary method to coerce the enemy. Enemy territory is the focal point to direct aggression against.

History of ETA is long and is rooted in the anti capitalist sentiments against the Spanish government. It draws support from many political quarters, both domestically and internationally. In the period of time ETA has been able to create a strong social base and it has made itself acceptable to many people. Islamic terrorism is relatively recent, and is in the process of creating social base. It has attacked the enemy in New York, Madrid and London to provoke a reaction from the enemy, to ...
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