Competition In The Food Industry

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Competition in the food Industry


Food is an integral part of human`s life. They cannot live without the consumption of nutrients. From the beginning of the existence of the human beings, food is like the fuel for them and other animals. Food is essential part of human life as it gives them strength and energy to perform their daily activities and continue their life happily. Humans have always benefited by consuming food and they will rely on it till end of their lives. The contemporary world of business revealed that increase in the demand is always corresponding to supply. The excessive demand of the food in world caused the growth in variety of food products and the growth in numbers of professional food providing industries. It is common belief that quantity doesn't always imply with the quality.

The food industry is very lucrative as many people even buy food in hard times and financial crisis. In these circumstances, the food producing companies have introduced low quality products in great quantity and cheap price (Traill, 1998). These low quality foods are harmful for the lives of humans. Various researches suggest that, the quality of general food stuffs has significantly decreased in recent years. On the other hand, the quantity of food producing companies has increased in recent years. In the times of crisis, people cannot afford to pay higher prices for the good quality of foods, which resulted in competition among various food producing companies. The food producing companies, who are in the industry for long time, try to manage the quality and quantity of food, in order to maintain their reputation in the marketplace. So, as the demand of foods increases, the food industry has become a “battle-field” for many companies, resulting in great competition (Wilk & Richard, 2006).


The food industry is very much competitive around the world and is in the phase of constant changes for meeting the demands of customers and also reacting to the developments in the areas of technology. As the population of world increases, the food industry is faced with numerous challenges and competition for providing and maintaining the production, quality and packaging of foods. Therefore, there is much demand in food industry for young people with respect to working in this industry (Marion, 2002). The food industry is a complex and diverse business, which works for supplying the food products consumed by the world population. The food industry takes on different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In the most general form it indicates the sector of the market consists of companies that are dedicated to manufacturing and processing of products from primary activities such as' agriculture, the livestock, the forestry and fishing. On secondary activities it includes semi-finished products to make finished products to be allocated, compared to an appropriate conditioning / packaging, to the market. Secondly, it is often used to indicate the single company which carries out the activities for producing and distributing foods at different ...
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