Complexities Of People And Organization

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Complexities of People and Organization

Complexities of People and Organization


'My Job, My Self: Work and creation of the modern individual' was written by Al Gini in 2001. The author has used descriptive and detailed manner to highlight certain points and factors regarding work and job, including the reason for working and the factors that cause individual to work obsessively. As revealed by Gini, work is not only the basic aspect of our humanity but is also a clear and vivid reflection of our deepest selves. The book has views and opinions of individuals from various fields of life, including history, psychology, economics and popular literature. Overall, the book addresses each and every employed individual, informing them regarding the challenges and the costs of a lifetime labor.

How identities are related to their jobs and their work

Gini has explained that the identities and self worth of individuals is derived from the work that they are involved in, and it is due to the same reason that it plays major part in deciding the future of individuals and their inclinations. The book deals with the observation of Al Gini, that work is responsible for ruling, running and at times, also ruining our lives. However, despite have such extreme effects, it is work that many of us love, or at least need, and thus we fall captive to it.

Nature of meaningful work (good and bad)

The nature of meaningful work can be either good or bad: depending upon the impact it places on the workers. For instance, bad works results in the decreased self esteem of the workers, toiling without dignity and also the long working hours, combined with less than average payment and thus the loss of dignity of the workers (Sutton, 2012). In addition, it also results in the increasing loss of creativity, sense of isolation and the condition is further highlighted by the absence of the reward ad recognition system. However, he also states that work is necessary for the sustenance of human life and there can be no joy or fun without work. This implies that although bad work plays its part in diminishing the self esteem of the individuals and their individuality, good work assists them in highlighting their self and making one acquainted.

Presence and absence of ethics and vision in the organizations

According to the author, a perfect world would be the one in which one does not have to work. However, as work is necessary for maintaining the self esteem of individuals and boosting their morale for moving farther, certain ethics and visions of the organization must be considered in order to ensure production of outstanding results. The presence of ethics and vision in the organizations is essential as it allows individuals to make the decisions intelligently and also allows employees to contribute effectively to the work and job. Ethics at organization making deal with the role and the acceptance of work in one's life and the adaptations to the work environment, while presence of vision at the organization ...
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