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The computer forensics, also called, digital forensics is the application of scientific techniques and specialized analytic technology infrastructure that identifies, preserves, analyzes and presents data that are legal within a legal process. These techniques include rebuilding the good computer, examining residual data, authentication of data and explaining the technical characteristics of the applied use of data and information assets. 

The definition above implies this discipline not only makes use of technology to maintain the integrity of data and processing them but also requires advanced expertise and knowledge in computer and systems to detect relates to the electronic device happenings. The importance of this and maintenance of their integrity is on the basis of the digital or electronic evidence which is extremely fragile. A digital forensic examiner, in the process of computer forensics, can recover information that gets deleted from the operating system (George, 2003).Discussion Process involved in computer forensics

It is very important to know the history, current situation and the process is to continue to make the best decision with respect to searches and research strategy. A process involved in computer forensics list is mention below. 


Identification is that process that involves recognizing good computer, using it within the network, starting in the chain of custody (a process that verifies the integrity and proper handling of evidence), and then finally reviewing the legal environment that protects and support the decision making regarding the next step after reviewing the results. 


This step within the process includes reviewing and generation of forensic images of evidence for the analysis. Such duplication is performed using the latest technology to maintain the integrity of evidence and chain of custody that it requires. When performing a forensic image, one means that the process requires generation of a copy bit-by-bit all over the album, which will recover in the next step. 


Analysis is the ...
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